Let’s agree on one thing, we all love Visual Studio Code. I use VSCode for almost all of my coding projects. It is feature-rich and clean in every aspect, in my opinion.

So, let’s see some tips and tricks to make your coding quicker if you use VSCode.

1. Stop using the mouse for finding files

VSCode has a very clean and user-friendly project explorer. However, using the mouse to find files can take up some time. Instead of a mouse, you can press CTRL + P and start typing the name of the file you are searching for. …

In many apps we need users to upload images by clicking a picture. For that, we can use the default camera app of the device but what if we need to integrate an in-app camera? Well, that is also possible with flutter. The flutter team has developed a package called camera (https://pub.dev/packages/camera) which will let us do exactly this.

Let’s see how can we achieve this by a simple example.

Setting up the project

First of all, install the camera package into your project by adding the following line into pubspec.yaml file.

camera: ^0.8.1+3

— IOS Setup

IOS 10.0 or higher is required for…

Most of the apps today have Bottom Navigation Bar or a Side Navbar, which sometimes we need to be persisted when navigating to a new screen.

But the problem with normal flutter navigation is that when you push a new route, the bottom navigation is not persisted with it. Let me show you with an example.

TodoList App using React-Native

Hello folks, today we will see how to build a ToDo list app using React Native.
Learning how to build a TodoList app will help teach you a lot of basic concepts of React Native. I always like to build this type of small project to get comfortable with a framework.

To get the best result, don’t just read the post. Please make the app yourself after reading the post to understand the concepts on your own. Trust me, creating the app on your own will clear all your doubts.

Hey everyone, today we will build a simple app which will do the following things:

  1. Show a list of items
  2. Select/Deselect multiple items from the list
  3. Show check mark on selected items
  4. Show count of total items selected

This is a very simple project so we will not be using any fancy state management library. We will just use setState .

Let’s start by creating a project using flutter create multi-select

Now, let’s create our HomePage where we will show the list of items. …

API calls are the most important aspect of any application. Fetching, posting, updating and deleting data are the common API calls used.

In this post, I ll share a way to implement API calls in your Flutter application using the GetX State Management (https://pub.dev/packages/get).

There are a lot more things provided by this package, but I am going to cover only the API calls using it in this post.

First of all, you ll need to add the package in your pubspec.yaml file.
Add get: <latest version>

Now as Flutter 2.0 released, a lot of things have changed. The first thing that I noticed was FlatButton and RaisedButton were deprecated.

Hmm, now what to use instead of them?

Using the Flutter documentation, I found out that instead of FlatButton we have to use TextButton and instead of RaisedButton we have to use ElevatedButton.

At first, I thought it might be change of just naming of buttons. However, that was not the case.

So let’s look how to use these buttons and style them.


By default TextButton has:

  1. Zero elevation
  2. No visible border

This is how it looks…

Switches or toggles are used quite often in mobile applications. And making them look good can become complex, if not done correctly.

Let me show you a easy way using which you can build a cool looking animated switch widget in Flutter.

Let’s first implement the base UI. After which we will add animations to it.

Firstly, create a stateful widget in a new file called AnimatedSwitch.dart.
You can type “stful” and press enter to automatically generate a widget if you are using vscode.

After you have done that, return a Container from the build and add some decoration to…

Today we will look into a way to manage API calls from front end.

In a considerably big app or website, we have to call a lot of APIs, which can be a pain if not handled properly. And can feel like …

API calls can contain many operations like Create, Read, Update, Delete etc…So for this tutorial purpose, I am considering CRUD operations on an entity.

Okay, now you will think what is entity here?🤔

Here, an entity could be a user👥 or a product📦 or anything on which you perform CRUD operations.

Okay now let’s go into…

A Video can be a key factor in keeping visitors longer on your website. The more they will engage, the better chance of converting them into customers.

So let’s look how we can store videos on our server.

Here, we will use express to create our server and multer to accept video files from our website.

Firstly create an empty directory and initialize npm in it.

npm init -y

After that, install express and multer in our project folder using below command.

npm install express multer

Okay, now let’s create our server first.

Create a file called server.js


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